Our History
You’re in safe hands

In the digital age, banking and money continue to change swiftly. One constant remains: trust. We are nothing without trust. The future of banking is digital, and, since we operate from an offshore centre, we know that it is vital we are the leading innovators in trust.

Our family has a history of investing, growing, supporting, and building financial companies for the past five generations.

The Holt legacy began with Sir Herbert Holt, who emigrated from Ireland to Canada in 1873. When he arrived in Montreal, he focused much of his energy on the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Soon, Holt switched gears to become a pioneer developer in Quebec’s emerging energy industry. Along with a partner, he founded the Montreal Light, Heat & Power Company, now known as Hydro-Quebec.
He served as the Royal Bank of Canada’s President from 1908 to 1934, and remained a board member until his passing in 1941. His business acumen and wide array of expertise led him to become one of the most powerful influencers in the development of Canada’s modern economy. In his time, he wanted to ensure that prosperity would be preserved for his family for generations to come. Today, we stand as proof of his success.

Our ties with Holt Xchange

The Holt Xchange, also backed by the Holdun Family Office, gives us access to cutting-edge fintech innovations, perfect for our Cypher platform, covering the fundamentals of finance, entrepreneurship & technology.

  • Investing in the top 1% of early-stage fintechs
  • Data driven market network
  • Top startups matched with advisors, investors and corporate partners
  • Solid AI expertise & worldwide leadership