Corporate Banking

  • 24/7 Online banking
  • Multi-currency bank accounts (USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,CAD)
  • Current and Deposit accounts
  • Buy and sell with your Crypto wallets
  • Pay bills
  • Available in 180 countries
  • Transfer funds globally
  • Set up batch payments (i.e., for payroll)
  • Hybrid credit cards
  • Custody services

Designed to offer unique advantages, saving both time and money.

From preferential pricing to a 24-hour global banking platform, you will have the privileges of priority banking services, in over 180 countries. We believe in offering all our business customers an expert and personal level of service.

Available in a range of currencies, our business customers benefit from Cypher’s extensive international payment and foreign exchange services ensuring your international trade finance needs are managed efficiently and competitively.

The flexibility of digital banking, while empowering you with fast, secure, and customized solutions.

Corporate Current Account

The Cypher Corporate Current Account allows for instant money management, enabling you to view accounts, transfer funds, and make payments. With secure messaging, our business customers can interact promptly with their banker and conveniently attach files without the need for further encryption.

The Cypher Corporate Account is accompanied by the Cypher Card, allowing you to optimize all of your personal and corporate financial procedures: payroll, employee benefits, incentives, expense accounts, and other payouts, when you want and how you want.

Corporate Deposit Account

Cypher’s Corporate Deposit Account is an instant access deposit account, so your business funds are always within reach. With no minimum and no maximum balance required and instant access to your funds, this account is one of the most flexible deposit accounts available.
Cypher’s secure Corporate Deposit Account is an instant access deposit account and is underpinned by innovative and incomparable delivery. Interest, at a variable rate set by Cypher, is paid every six months or upon withdrawal of the deposit.
Cypher can also assist with multi-currency options that help protect against adverse foreign exchange movements, enabling your business to take advantage of the opportunity to earn interest on your surplus currency funds with our Currency Deposit Accounts.

Fixed Term Deposit

Providing the guarantee of a pre-agreed rate of interest, Cypher Fixed Term Deposits pay interest on deposits that are not required instantly.

When depositing your funds with Cypher, you can select from a variety of interest rates and term limits.

At certain stages in the growth of your business, you may find that you have a considerable sum of money to add to your savings. If you have a lump sum to save and you know that you can put it away for a fixed term, then you can benefit from the security of a fixed rate of interest.
When you open a Cypher Fixed Term Deposit Account, the prevailing rate of interest will be applied to the account and fixed for the term of the deposit. Interest is paid into the account at the end of the term. Where the account has a term in excess of one year, interest can also be paid annually on the anniversary date.
You can choose a 6-month, 12-month or 24-month term or in some cases, a bespoke period in conjunction with your Cypher Relationship Manager. You may not withdraw your funds prior to maturity. If your business may need more frequent access to funds, this account may not be the most suitable for you.