Debit Cards

Cypher’s Global Secured Debit Card from Visa is for individuals and businesses with global needs.

Card Features

Our advanced technology allows you to spend worry-free, combining all elements of service into one easy-to-use portal.

  • Available in multiple currencies
  • High credit limits available
  • Premium rewards
  • On/Off functionality
  • Attached Wallet
  • P2P transfers
  • Online purchases (no restrictions, like a traditional prepaid card)
  • Concierge service
  • Travel discounts and integrated bookings
  • Telemedicine
  • Easy onboarding procedures
  • Acceptance for car rentals and hotels
  • Fraud monitoring and notifications

Our Hybrid Debit Cards

The travel rewards are included for all the cards through the portal. The members never need to leave the Cypher site/portal for travel, hotels, car rental bookings/payment/reward cash-in etc., and rewards are kept in the wallet.

$10k limit

Cypher Classic Card

Learn more about our card benefits.

$25k limit

Cypher Emerald Card

Learn more about our card benefits.

50k plus

Diamond Card

The Cypher Privilege Elite – Black card


What type of card is it?

The Cypher Debit Card is an international hybrid card. It is a type of secured debit card. This deposit acts as collateral on the account. The cardholder can add funds to increase their available credit beyond the established credit amount, creating a hybrid of a secured and prepaid card.

How It works?
  • You put up a deposit to secure your credit line.
  • The amount you deposit becomes your credit limit—the amount you can charge on the card.
  • Deposits start at $200 and can go as high as $50,000, or even more.
  • If you wish to increase your spending amount once your credit limit has been established, you can either add more to the security deposit or you can exceed your limit on the card. An overpayment has a small fee associated with it, but if you need additional spending for a short period of time, this is a good option.
What is the Holt Wallet?

The Cypher Wallet is an account to keep your funds secure and protected from fraud. Use it as a prefunding account for your International Secured Visa Card and receive all the benefits from your card. The Cypher Wallet can also be used to transfer to and from friends and family around the world.

How to get a Cypher debit card

Even though International Hybrid Cards are available to a wide range of people, approval is not guaranteed for everyone.

  • Your identity and personal information must be verified by the issuer to ensure your eligibility to receive a card. This information is not shared with credit agencies.
  • Depending on the level of credit you are looking for, there will be a variety of documents that you will need to supply, such as government-issued identity document(s), proof of address and sometimes proof of income.
How does the process work?

The process of applying for, receiving, and using a Cypher credit card works like this:

  • Sign up with a Cypher account.
  • Apply for the wallet and card. If you qualify, you are approved.
  • Fund the security deposit.
  • Receive the card.
  • Start using it like any other card.
Who uses this?

People just like you – people who like to travel and want peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen, they are protected from unexpected losses. Others may need the flexibility of a secured card with the ability to increase spending amounts easily and on-demand.

What are the security and confidential features?

We do not report to any credit agencies. In today’s world, dominated by social media and online search engines, it is increasingly difficult for people to preserve their privacy. The fact is that all of today’s premium card programs disclose the cardholder’s identity to whomever gets hold of the card and during processing, it creates severe privacy and security repercussions for cardholders. With the Cypher International Secured Card, we aim to provide our clients not only with full financial freedom, but also with the freedom to live their lives in privacy.

  • Confidential – if you wish you can choose to have your name appear on the card, or not.
  • Secured – with a chip and a PIN code.
  • SMS and email notification – configure your preferences for maximum protection.
Does it come with fraud insurance?

Your transactions are safe with us! Fraud insurance comes automatically on all cards and includes the following:

  • Fraudulent transactions worldwide
  • Robbery at an ATM
  • Accidental death
Why Get One?
  • The Cypher Card offers you a wide variety of exclusive coverage that you would have difficulty finding elsewhere.
  • Our excess and extended coverage is backed by Lloyd’s of London, the premier world-renowned insurance underwriter.
  • Most importantly, your annual membership can save you money. A lot of it.

Learn more about our card benefits.