Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to EQIBank support. Here you can find most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answer, please email us at


Dedicated. We provide dedicated relationship managers to manage all your global needs.
Digital. No branches, no delays.
Easy. Our International account opening service is quick and easy.
Experience. 200 years of banking experience from a team dedicated to you.
Global. One bank for over 180 countries.
Innovation. We welcome those from innovative industries, technology and disruptive business sectors.
Partnership. Open APIs that enables clients to build products and services for their customers.
Products. We offer more products and services than virtually any other digital bank.
Safe. We don’t provide loans from client deposits making EQIBank extremely safe.
Secure. From safe insured custody to secure regulated deposits, we provide peace of mind.
Tax Free. EQIBank is an offshore bank, and our jurisdiction has no capital gains tax, capital transfer tax, or wealth taxes.

Is my EQIBank account Tax Free?

Yes. EQIBank is an offshore bank, and our jurisdiction has no capital gains tax, capital transfer tax, or wealth taxes.

What security do I have for my money?


EQIBank is a leading offshore bank providing safe, secure and protective global bank with segregated bank accounts, VISA card® and insured custody 


Capital Adequacy Rating
EQIBank meets all its capital adequacy policies of any offshore bank. The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) is a measurement of a bank’s available capital expressed as a percentage of a bank’s risk-weighted credit exposures. The capital adequacy ratio, also known as capital-to-risk weighted assets ratio (CRAR), is used to protect depositors and promote the stability and efficiency of financial systems around the world. The reason minimum capital adequacy ratios (CARs) are critical is to make sure that banks have enough cushion to absorb a reasonable amount of losses before they become insolvent and consequently loose depositors’ funds. 


All your card transactions are processed by the VISA® network and are protected by VISA® rules and standards. The EQIBank Card is issued as a licensed VISA® prepaid card.


Custody and Insurance
In the unlikely event of a compromise, clients have the protection of insurance policy sufficiently covering the average daily transaction volume of its clients’ digital assets—and at no additional cost to the client. This policy, through Lloyd’s of London, protects against the loss of digital assets under custody whether by theft (insider or outsider) or natural disasters. The insurance amount is for $20M for any one occurrence and in aggregate for the policy period, inclusive of all costs, charges, and expenses. 


How do I apply for an account?

Just go to  and apply online.


EQIBank welcome applications from businesses and private clients and we accept most types of companies and specialize in innovation and disruptive industries. To open an EQIBank account you and your company need to meet the following requirements¹:

  • Directors and shareholders cannot be nationals of sanctioned countries²
  • Your company is not involved in any of these³

¹ EQIBank products and services are available only in jurisdictions where and when they may be lawfully offered by us. The material on these pages is not intended for use by persons located in or resident in jurisdictions which restrict the distribution of this material by us. Not all products or services will be available to residents of all countries, due to EQIBank Policy and EQIBank reserves the right to add, remove and adjust products, services and jurisdictions at its sole discretion.


³Companies operating in the below industries are not able to open an EQIBank account. If you are unsure whether your company is considered any of the below, please contact us:

Adult industry
Arms dealers
Defense systems
Unlicensed Foreign exchange 
Gambling & casino related companies
Nuclear power
Pawn shops
Pyramid sellers

What happens when I apply?

You’ll get an email to let you know we’ve received your application. If we need more information, we’ll get in touch. We’ll open your account as soon as we can.

Once your account is open and ready for your first deposit, we’ll write to confirm your new account number and how to add money to your account.

    How do you check my identity and business details?

    Using the information, you give in your online application, we’ll verify your identity electronically and check your business details against our eligibility criteria. We may get in touch to ask for additional documents if we need them.

      How long will it take before I know my account has been opened?

      Depending on the method of funding, your approval status, and whether we have received all necessary information, your account will be opened within five business days.  We will update you by email on the process of your account opening

      How do I make changes to my account?

      You can update or amend most information relating to your account online. We may ask you to send us supporting documentation once a change has been requested. If the change you’d like to make isn’t accessible through the online banking pages, please contact and we’ll be happy to help you.


      What services are provide with Online Banking?

      EQIOnline is a simple and convenient way to manage your money and can be access on your mobile, tablet or laptop. When you enroll in Online Banking, you will be able to save time by managing your day-to-day global banking from any personal computer with Internet access – while still having complete control of funds. More information can be found here.


      What are EQIBank’s fees and charges?

      Please see: here