A Clear and Simple Investing Experience

Our investment platform is an easy, flexible way of investing more of your money in the markets.

From equities to bonds and everything in between, our easy-to-use platform lets you invest across an extensive range of traditional market securities as well as our unique and innovative alternative funds.

At Holt, we recognized some years ago that traditional fixed income and equity strategies alone were unlikely to deliver acceptable returns in a period of sustained low-interest rates and muted economic growth. As a result, we created a platform that offers exposure to both traditional and alternative investment options, resulting in greater diversification, reducing volatility and higher returns for our clients.

Traditional Investments

These include equities, bonds and money market securities. With a wide range of securities across multiple regions and sectors, you are sure to find the mix of investments that is right for you.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investment options that previously functioned as a playground for the rich are now available to all Holt investors. These include private equity, venture capital and bespoke real estate opportunities.

Discretionary Trading

Here we manage your portfolio for you. We have accrued an extensive reserve of knowledge over the years. We leverage this expertise to make sound investments, offering high risk-adjusted returns in line with your goals and objectives. 

Non-Discretionary Trading

The power is in your hands. If you prefer the DIY approach, then our self-directed trading platform will allow you to buy and sell securities as you see fit.

Access to Holts Unique Private Equity Opportunities

Our extensive network of advisors and affiliates provide a constant stream of bespoke private investments. We then screen these opportunities, making the most promising and innovative prospects available to our investors.