Discretionary Investments

Discretionary Investment Portfolios

Our Legacy Portfolios

Our Legacy Portfolios take a more conservative bottom-up approach to equity investing with a focus on investing for the long-term.

Both these portfolios boast a 30-year track record. This disciplined and patient approach has seen these portfolios outperform their respective benchmarks over both long- and short-term periods, thus you will not see much turnover here.

  • US Equity
  • Canadian Equity

Our tactical portfolios

Our tactical portfolios provide a broader exposure to global opportunities, mitigating portfolio risk by diversifying across different sectors, asset classes, countries and investment strategies.

How to Get Started with

Discretionary Investments

Step 1:
Complete and submit the Holdun Family Office Onboarding Document composed of the Investor Profile Questionnaire, Asset Mix document and Investment Management Agreement.

Step 2:
Once your on-boarding document has been signed by the portfolio manager, you will receive an email of the agreement to complete your on-boarding process.

Step 3:
Holdun starts investing.

Alternate option

Nondiscretionary Investments

You have full control and make your own decisions with our new and innovative funds that offer a broader range of exposure across the risk and liquidity spectrum.

If you have any questions, please send us an email!