Nondiscretionary Investments

Nondiscretionary Holt Inovative Investment Funds

As a family, we recognized some years ago that traditional fixed income and equity strategies alone were unlikely to deliver acceptable returns in a period of sustained low-interest rates and muted economic growth.

As a result, we created new and innovative funds that offer a broader range of exposure across the risk and illiquidity spectrum. These new asset classes including private equity, venture capital and real estate, have provided us greater portfolio diversification, reduced portfolio volatility and higher returns.

Our innovative investment solutions include:
Medical Detox Portfolio

The Medical Detox Portfolio specifically invests in real estate within the United States that is utilized to increase the number of drug treatment programs available for those seeking a solution to opioid dependency.

Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund provides the capital appreciation opportunities of private equity while also providing current income, and offering private equity returns without the long-term lock-up periods.
A high-quality commercial real estate portfolio consisting of four trophy properties located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Real Estate Fund: Boca Trophy Portfolio

The Boca Trophy Fund represents a rare opportunity for investors to participate in a fund that is ideally located in one of the most desirable locations in the United States, at a time when market demand continues to surge as a result of rapidly improving demographics in the region.

Income Fund

The Income Fund is a fixed income fund offering investors above average yields (vs. similar AAA rated securities), thereby providing safety of principal guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Holdun Technology & Innovation Fund

The Holdun Technology & Innovation Fund Ltd is a Bahamas SMART Fund and it utilises its capital through a proprietary algorithm to place bets on the results of the Top 50 Football Leagues in Europe. This Sports Betting Platform was created in the 2010/2011 season and is programmed to analyze historical data trends together with the latest performance research on teams and individual players. Holdun Family Office is the exclusive capital raiser for this fund.

Holt Xchange Fund II

The Holt Xchange, also backed by Holdun Family Office, is currently Canada’s most active fintech seed stage investor. Beyond the basics of VC investment (i.e. strong team, valuable product, big market), this fund invests in the fundamentals of finance, entrepreneurship & technology.

Holt Xchange has proven it can scout and support early stage startups; however, it lacks capital to further invest in the most promising teams. The goal of this fund will be to invest in the best startups coming out of their annual growth acceleration program.

Alternate option

Discretionary Investments

Wealth managers work directly with you to develop an appropriate asset mix specific to your risk tolerances and time horizon to ensure all your needs and objectives are met.

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