Wealth Management
for the many, not the few

We are utilizing technology to democratize sophisticated wealth management services. By eliminating any minimum investment amount required for entry, we are enabling greater access to traditional and alternative investment funds that have a history of exceptional returns.


Flexible features that can make your life easier.

  • Small amount required
  • Professionally managed portfolios that cater to all investors types
  • A dedicated wealth management team
  • Customized personal wealth management services
Holdun Funds

As a family, we recognized some years ago that traditional fixed income and equity strategies alone were unlikely to deliver acceptable returns in a period of sustained low-interest rates and muted economic growth.

As a result, we created new and innovative funds that offer a broader range of exposure across the risk and illiquidity spectrum. These new asset classes including private equity, venture capital and real estate, have provided us greater portfolio diversification, reduced portfolio volatility and higher returns.

Diversify your portfolio with our innovative investment solutions:

Invest in tokenized assets:
the next generation of venture funding powered by the blockchain

We offer asset-backed security tokens to help security issuers raise more capital and offer investors true liquidity.

You can get started by simply answering our client investment profile (CIP) questionnaire on the portal, once you’ve opened your account. This will allow us to assess your risk appetite and investment objectives so we can propose an investment plan reflecting your goals and investment preferences.