Card Benefits

World SecureCash- 5000

100% of the transaction(s), up to 5000 USD, made by unauthorized person(s), with the lost or stolen card, if transaction(s) was/were made in a period of time no longer than twenty-four (24) hours prior to receipt your Report of Loss or your blocking registration on provider’s web site.

In case of falsification, cloning or use of the number of any of the Insured’s cards, he/she will be exempted from payment(s) of any fraudulent transaction(s) done with it.

Assault in ATM’s, understood as theft of cash withdrawals inside, outside or within a maximum radius of 15 meters from the ATM, using physical aggression or by intimidation or threat against the life or physical integrity of the Insured or Cardholder.

ViaReserve Elite Travel

Whether you’re an experienced jetsetter or just looking to book your next getaway, we guarantee to save you time and money. We offer the lowest prices and superior customer service to ensure your vacation planning experience is truly amazing. Save money every time you stay in a hotel, rent a car, or take a cruise with your new membership. We guarantee you will never find your hotel cheaper anywhere else.

Earn Rewards Credits every time you travel, then receive discounts on future travel!

110% Price guaranty: We promise to credit you 110% of the price difference if you find cheaper pricing online after you make a reservation through your membership.

ViaCarte Concierge

Concierge member services is available to our members 24/7. Think of it as your Personal Assistant. Members can call anytime, from anywhere, for anything. Yes, your Personal Assistant can answer any questions about any topic and even perform tasks for your convenience. All available in the ViaCarte app is for all smart phones.

Driving Directions, Travel Arrangements, Online Purchasing, Weather Forecasts, Event/Sports Tickets, Flight Check-in, Discounted Rentals, Schedule Services, Road Conditions, Dining Reservations, Emergency Assistance

Priority Pass

With the ViaCarte Global Lounge Collection get access to airport lounges and experiences around the world, including 1,300+ airport lounges in over 500 airports. Whether you’re looking for a place to rest and recharge or somewhere to catch up on work, enjoy our growing network of lounges across 140 countries and counting.

When you enroll in Priority Pass, Select and visit a lounge, you can bring one accompanying guests for no charge, up to five times per year.

Travel Executive + Family

Don’t be stranded in an emergency at home, across the country or even abroad. Membership provides peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen, they are protected from unexpected losses. Protection for your whole family! Emergency Air/Ambulance, Global Assistance Services, Trip Coverage, Flight Delays, Baggage Coverage, Key Fob Replacement

Card Program Details
Program Name Holt Diamond Card    
Total Load Capacity $25,000.00    
Security Deposit $2,500.00    
Annual Membership Fee $275.00    
Monthly Fee $0.00    
Card Activation Fee $0.00    
POS/Online Purchases 0.25    
ATM/Cash Withdrawals $4.00    
Membership Percentage 2.50%    
ATM/Balance Inquiry $1.50    
Card Load Fee*      
Member Percentage* 0.85%    
Client Minimum Fee* $1.00    
Member Minimum Fee* $5.00    
Foreign Currency Access Fee 3.50%    
 Person to Person Transfer $2.50    
Parameters Maximum Transaction Amount Daily Limit (Count) Daily Limit (Amount)
Point of Sale (POS) $1,500.00 10 2500
Card Not Present (CNP) $1,500.00   10  2500
ATM/Cash Transaction      
Minimum Transaction Amount $5.00    
Maximum Transaction Amount $2,500.00    
Daily Limit (Count) 5.00    
Daily Limit (Amount) $2,000.00    
Monthly Limit (Amount) $10,000.00    
Total Withdrawals 60.00%