Build Your Wealth Alternatively

We’ve invested in our future for nearly 100 years. Safe to say, we have experienced a lot over the last 5 generations. Leverage our experience and expertise to build your future too.

While we cannot perfectly predict the future, we can certainly plan for it. Our wealth management services can provide you with a clear path to the life you envision by offering you innovative investment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Discretionary Investments

Wealth managers work directly with you to develop an appropriate asset mix specific to your risk tolerances and time horizon to ensure all your needs and objectives are met.

Nondiscretionary Investments

You have full control and make your own decisions with our new and innovative funds that offer a broader range of exposure across the risk and liquidity spectrum.

Investment Approach

The real opportunity to achieve superior results is not in scrambling to outperform the market, but in establishing and adhering to appropriate investment policies over the long term. The single most important dimension of investment policy is asset allocation.

Asset allocation refers to the proportion of assets that an investor chooses to place into particular investment classes. At Holdun, we work directly with you to develop the appropriate asset mix specific to your risk tolerance and time horizon to ensure your needs and objectives are met.

  • Build portfolios with a pronounced equity bias
  • Fashion portfolios with substantial diversification
  • Create portfolios with concerns for tax considerations

Our Commitment & Legacy

We ensure that our goals are aligned with yours. We manage our family’s money alongside that of our clients and we invest our clients’ money as we do our own, intelligently and responsibly.

When we look into an investment opportunity, our money goes first. We take the risk before we put our client’s money in. The original family has skin in the game and that creates an alignment of interest.

Why Invest in Tokenized Securities?

Investors want high rates of return on their investments, as well as certainty that their funds are safe and accessible. With tokenized securities, you can benefit from enhanced liquidity and fast, secure, low-cost transactions, so you can rest easy knowing your investments are accessible and tradable with the push of a button.

Tokenized securities are revolutionizing the private investing world. A securitized asset is “tokenized” by dividing it into shares, or “tokens”, that represent a predefined share of the underlying asset. They are therefore often called “security tokens”. By using blockchain technology and the Ethereum network, Holt offers security tokens representing fractional interest in underlying assets.

Tokenization removes the middle man, which makes it easier and cheaper for investors to buy/sell assets, such as real estate, and for owners/developers to raise capital. Investors can trade tokens almost instantly and for a very low fee (similar to stock market trades). For owners, tokenization makes it possible to raise capital without financial intermediaries to underwrite the project.

Our goal is to increase global access to promising investment opportunities

This is a great opportunity for investors who want to avoid locking in their money for many years and want the flexibility of buying and selling fractions of assets at any time, anywhere.

Real estate, for example, has historically delivered attractive returns, but it has high barriers to entry because the assets involved are so expensive. Investors in tokenized real estate assets get the best of both worlds: the high returns of real estate investments (even with a very small investment), and the liquidity of the stock market.

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