Data Protection Notice

1. Information on data protection

Within the framework of its business activity, the Bank uses, amongst other things, IT-based procedures and applications, in the context of which data is collected, processed and used. 

We regard it as essential to protect any data entrusted to us and to ensure confidentiality of such data. In this context, we ensure, internal data protection guidelines and additional relevant rules on data protection are complied with. Our employees are aware of the importance of data protection.  We ensure consistent compliance with data protection provisions, including by means of special training on data protection. 

2. Why does the Bank collect personal data?

We collect, process and use personal data to be able to offer you even better products and services and to bring our business processes even more in line with our clients’ needs.  We restrict the collection, processing and use of data to a minimum in this respect to be able to continue to offer our clients outstanding products and services.


3. How does the Bank collect data and how long is such data stored?

We do not collect, process, or use personal data without an appropriate legal basis or without your express consent, which may also be given electronically. Consent which has been given may be revoked at any time with effect for the future.

Personal data provided to us via our website will only be stored until the purpose for which they were provided to us has been fulfilled. Should you no longer agree to your personal data being stored, or should you notify us that it has become incorrect, we will delete or block your data or make the necessary corrections if you instruct us to do so (provided that this is possible under applicable law). 

4. How is data stored, protected and evaluated?

We secure and protect any data received from you according to strict security and confidentiality standards. We restrict the collection and use of client data to the required minimum and only allow authorised staff who have been trained to deal with, access and update client data.

Client data will only be disclosed to external companies if we have notified the client of the disclosure in advance and have obtained his/her consent, or if we are legally obliged to disclose such data. We remain responsible for the confidential treatment of our client data.

In some circumstances applicable law may require us to disclose information to government authorities.

Our transactions are carried out in such a manner that our obligations can be fulfilled in all the countries in which we operate.  Should banking privacy or data protection requirements require us to fulfill higher standards, we will of course take this into account.